Dish on Our Fish

Flame (Angel) Fish: Berry Swim Below

  • Famous singer on the Atlantic City Casino Circuit
  • Most popular download: Swimming My Baby Good-Bye
  • Injured his left gill while on tour
  • Retired to Dorchester Cove to relax and recover

Flame (new fish) Fish: Leo "The Torch" Getz

  • Wise guy who worked with the famous Shark Mob Boss, Tony the Hammer
  • He turned coral evidence with the Pacific Bureau of Investigations
  • Relocated to Dorchester Cove under the witness protection program

Clown Fish: Al and Peg Bundy

  • clownfishNewlyweds
  • Enjoy fix and flip corals
  • They reside in West Dorchester in a swanky, high end bungalow recently featured on Liquid TV
  • Also own a lovely Ranch style double wide in East Dorchester
  • Hope to get a write up in Country Swimming Magazine once East Dorchester is fully built out

Yellow Tang: Colonel Mustard

  • yellow fishServed 40 years in the 1st Company Special Dive Unit
  • Also served three tours of duty in the Bermuda Triangle
  • Retired to the Mile High Four Seasons in Dorchester Cove

Gobi: Pedro

  • World famous salsa dancer
  • Can be seen on Liquid TV's Dancing With the Star Fish
  • Occasionally cuts the rug right here in Dorchester Cove's own uber-swank night club, Aqua Fresca

Royal Gamma: Ibeen Brushin

  • News anchor for the Pacific Broadcast Company (PBS)
  • Famous for her coverage of the Mount Wanna Good Checkup volcano eruption in 2001

Blue Tang: Shoeless "One Fin on Ya"Jackson

  • bluefishWater Polo player for the Titanic Iceberg team until his seahorse contract was up
  • Waiting out a strike between fish and seahorses in Dorchester Cove
  • Hopes to return to water polo soon

Blue Fish: Sig and Roy

  • Famous sleight of hand magicians
  • Worked hundreds of tropical hot spots until Sig was injured during a star fish juggling act
  • Here to recuperate

Spike Blue Fish: Madelyn Alspike

  • spikeblueWorks with the Special Forces team for the Gulf of Mexico Illegal Algae Trade Commission
  • Monitors hermit crabs and snails in the Aquatic Department of Food Import and Expo