Dish on Our Fish

Sea Cucumber: Bombshell Bertha

  • A three-time Golden Coral Award winning movie actress
  • Most popular movie performance: Gone with the Current
  • Sends a shout out to her agent, Cris Capp of Aquatic Arts, for bringing her to Dorchester Cove. They have worked together for years, and she credits him with her success. Wherever would she be today without him?

Shrimp: Scampi and Barbie

  • Opened the very popular Algae Diner which they franchised throughout the coral reef
  • In 2004, battled numerous lawsuits over the type of deep fry oil used in the cooking of the algae, and fell into bankruptcy

Sally Crabs: Dr. Thelma and Dr. Louise

  • Best friends since childhood
  • Grew up in Atlantic City
  • Both attended Pacific University and earned degrees in Crab Leg Rehab.

Flame (Angel) Fish: Berry Swim Below

  • Famous singer on the Atlantic City Casino Circuit
  • Most popular download: Swimming My Baby Good-Bye
  • Injured his left gill while on tour
  • Retired to Dorchester Cove to relax and recover

Flame (new fish) Fish: Leo "The Torch" Getz

  • Wise guy who worked with the famous Shark Mob Boss, Tony the Hammer
  • He turned coral evidence with the Pacific Bureau of Investigations
  • Relocated to Dorchester Cove under the witness protection program

Clown Fish: Al and Peg Bundy

  • clownfishNewlyweds
  • Enjoy fix and flip corals
  • They reside in West Dorchester in a swanky, high end bungalow recently featured on Liquid TV
  • Also own a lovely Ranch style double wide in East Dorchester
  • Hope to get a write up in Country Swimming Magazine once East Dorchester is fully built out

Yellow Tang: Colonel Mustard

  • yellow fishServed 40 years in the 1st Company Special Dive Unit
  • Also served three tours of duty in the Bermuda Triangle
  • Retired to the Mile High Four Seasons in Dorchester Cove

Gobi: Pedro

  • World famous salsa dancer
  • Can be seen on Liquid TV's Dancing With the Star Fish
  • Occasionally cuts the rug right here in Dorchester Cove's own uber-swank night club, Aqua Fresca

Royal Gamma: Ibeen Brushin

  • News anchor for the Pacific Broadcast Company (PBS)
  • Famous for her coverage of the Mount Wanna Good Checkup volcano eruption in 2001

Blue Tang: Shoeless "One Fin on Ya"Jackson

  • bluefishWater Polo player for the Titanic Iceberg team until his seahorse contract was up
  • Waiting out a strike between fish and seahorses in Dorchester Cove
  • Hopes to return to water polo soon

Blue Fish: Sig and Roy

  • Famous sleight of hand magicians
  • Worked hundreds of tropical hot spots until Sig was injured during a star fish juggling act
  • Here to recuperate

Spike Blue Fish: Madelyn Alspike

  • spikeblueWorks with the Special Forces team for the Gulf of Mexico Illegal Algae Trade Commission
  • Monitors hermit crabs and snails in the Aquatic Department of Food Import and Expo