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Colorado’s Friendliest Child & Pediatric Dentistry

At Colorado Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we strive to make your child’s dental visits as fun as possible. By making their first visits to the dentist a fun and rewarding experience, they will reap the benefits of good oral health for a lifetime. Our state-of-the-art office is designed with kids in mind. Children should not fear the dentist and our fun office setting ensures that they will anticipate their appointments. We have brightened the smiles of thousands of children in Colorado spanning across Douglas and Jefferson counties including Centennial, Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch and more. Please read below to learn about our office policies & mission statement.


Please call (303) 791-4400 in the event of a dental emergency during office hours.

Never Hesitate to call us with a Dental Emergency after office hours!
After office hours, our 24/7 answering service will help you reach one of the doctors on-call.

Cell Phones

No cell phones are permitted anywhere beyond the reception area of our office. If you need to answer or make a call during your child’s appointment, please leave the examination area. Due to OSHA restrictions, no food or drink of any kind will be allowed in the treatment area.

Keeping Appointments

We try hard to abide by our schedule and keep appointments on time. However, we do occasionally have to push regular appointments back to take care of patient emergencies. If we have advanced notice of such an emergency, we will do our best to reach you ahead of time to provide you with the opportunity to reschedule.

If you know ahead of time that you will be unable to keep an appointment, we would greatly appreciate a 24-hour notice. Make sure you have our number handy so you can call when you are running late.

Medical Information and Informed Consent

In order to treat your child safely and effectively, we will need you to provide us with updated medical information for your child at least every six months and whenever medical changes occur. If treatment is recommended for your child, we will also require a signed consent form from you for that treatment. The dentist will explain recommended treatment prior to your signing this consent.

Dental Insurance

Your insurance is a contractual agreement between the insurance company, the employer, and the employee. You are responsible for understanding your dental benefits. Please contact your insurance provider with any questions about the details of your coverage or your plan.

Please provide us with all of your dental insurance information at the time of your appointment. As a courtesy, we will be happy to help you by filing your insurance claims.

Recommended treatment is determined solely upon the needs of the child and is not determined or influenced in any way by your insurance policy.

What We Do (Our Mission)

We make kids smile! Our practice is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of children of all ages and abilities. We aim to help your kids maintain the best dental health possible so they can enjoy the aesthetic and medical benefits for a lifetime.

A comfortable dental patient is a happy one, and a happy patient is more receptive to complete regular dental care. All children deserve a little extra TLC. We want to make sure they get it way that they need it, and that they are happy to come back for more.

How We Do It (Our Not-So-Secret Recipe For Success)

High Quality, Comprehensive Care
We have an incredible highly-trained staff of registered dental hygienists (RDH), pediatric dentists, an enhanced duty dental assistant and front office professionals. And we work constantly, closely and happily with other dentists and physicians in the community so we can provide well-informed and comprehensive care for our patients. We offer some of the latest and best in dental technology, including digital X-rays and electronic record-keeping, as well as a few extra gizmos for enhancing patient experience. And we regularly check in with our families to be sure they feel good about us and to make note of any special needs or requests from parents or kids.

Flexible Treatment

Sometimes even the most laid-back kids have difficulty tolerating even a routine dental visit without help. We think every child deserves to have a good experience while visiting the dentist! So we work closely with parents and doctors to design a custom approach to dental care best suited to each child’s needs to make sure they have the kind of experience they don’t mind coming back for.

Family-Oriented Services

We know that kids come in family-size packages, so we welcome one parent (or adult) to go back with their child during treatment. We work hard to accommodate family schedules and we jump for emergencies. We take care of the families that take care of the kids, because they are the reason we’re here.

We Speak "Kid"

We know kids want and need different things than grown-ups. We want kids to enjoy their visits with us, so we designed our office environment for them. We’ve even resorted to a little calculated bribery in the interest of luring our little customers back for regular visits... video gaming stations in the lobby, anyone? We thought so. Game on!

The Lobby

With comfortable seating and reading (go ahead – indulge in one of those gossip magazines – we won’t tell) for parents and diversions a-plenty for siblings; our reception area doubles as a comfy plop-on-the-floor-and-go-for-it play area with PlayStation 3 video games, a small movie theater, baskets of toys and lots of floor cushions to lounge on.

The Examination Area

Distraction, distraction, distraction in the form of sparkling conversation with staff well-versed in kid culture, a giant salt-water aquarium, and a library of "movies on the ceiling" for kids to choose from and control. We know how to talk to kids (and how NOT to talk to them) and we carefully steer them around any anxieties and concerns they may have without compromising care. We want to give them a reason to smile – they deserve nothing less.

Treasure Box

Did we mention that we're not above bribery when it comes to getting kids off to the right start with their dental health? We think showing up for and making it though a dental visit is a big success for a little person, and that it deserves a reward. So we keep a box full of treasures handy in the examination room for keeping little hands busy while we work, for saying "good job" when they are done, and to keep them looking forward to their next visit!

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